Web Design & Development

Web Design Our guiding principles of web design... We believe all web sites should be:

  1. Easy to use and navigate
  2. Easy to find needed information
  3. Good looking

InDepth Marketing provides a wide variety of web design services; everything you need to provide your business with a top-quality web presence. All of our web design work is standards-compliant, CSS based design, to provide your web site with the best flexibility, accessibility, and search engine placement.

Our Philosophy

We operate on two core philosophies:

  1. Websites should be intuitive to use for your visitors, and the people visiting your site should be able to find the information they're looking for easily.
  2. We want your repeat business because you want to work with us, not because you must work with us. So, we build your site so you can maintain it yourself, without needing a programmer.

Services Available

Regardless of your web site needs, we can help. Whether you need a simple, one-page homepage for your product, a multi-page site for your business, or an advanced corporate electronic commerce site, InDepth Marketing can provide for you.
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We offer two pricing models. First, we offer a retainer-based model, where you purchase a block of hours up front, and the hourly rate depends on how many hours you purchase. All pre-purchased hours are refundable (minus the block discount). The other model is a fixed-price model, where we base our rate on your project. Overall prices vary based on the complexity of the work, but below are some guidelines for either model:

Simple Web Site:5 pages: $2000 and up
(includes design & on-site SEO)
Content Management Package:$4000 per site
(includes template, 3 page layouts, 7 pages)
$500 per additional page layout, $75 per additional page
Electronic Commerce Package:$5000 and up
(osCommerce-based site)
Ongoing Maintenance:$100 per hour
(minimum contract required)

Please contact us for more details or to discuss a specific project!
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Free Advice: Ever just want to know where a company is located, or what their hours are, but it's so buried in their web site you can't find it? A good way to start thinking about what you want your web site to say is to think about why your customers will be coming to the web site. People don't come just to read what you have to say about yourself, they want to know something specific. What questions do they want answered? What do they want to know about you, your products, and your services? Come up with several types of customers, and ask why they're coming. Once you know the answers, you can lay out your site to ensure they get their questions answered quickly and easily. We can help you with this process.